The French-German Adsorption Initiative aims at promoting collaborative research and development between these two countries as starting members. This initiative is being launched early 2022 with the support from the French Adsorption Society and the German Adsorption Society after getting approvals from their board. The group relies on a binational board composed of 6 active colleagues from the adsorption community (3 German, 3 French with one Chair from each country). Despite being a binational group at this stage, the initiative is intended to serve as a basis to extend its geographical coverage to the entire European continent later on.


  • Promote R&D in experimental, numerical and theoretical methods in the field of gas and liquid adsorption on solid surfaces or in porous materials.
  • Promote the exchange and cooperative research between fundamental or applied research laboratories of public or private organizations
  • No restriction on the type or state of adsorbed or confined molecules (gases, liquids, ions, biomolecules, etc.) or the type of "host" materials (organic, inorganic or hybrid synthetic materials, natural porous media, etc.).